H1Z1 External Cheat - ESP (Wallhack), Aimbot + bypass

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  • Status: UNDETECTED
  • Version: [07/11/2021]
  • Developer: Liberty
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You can download free External Cheat for H1Z1 Battle Royale from our website. This cheat was provided by the developer of hacks Dukk1 for which he is very grateful. Returning the game to 2020 and starting to dominate with hacks. The cheat is very simple, does not load the processor and starts quickly. There is no menu here because all functions (benefits) are controlled using hot keys. For more information about the features, see below.ESP (Wallhack) with This function, you will see your enemies through textures on the map, you will be able to see them through walls and any other structures. As well as using additional features such as: Item ESP, Distance ESP and Name ESP, you will know the distance to the player, his nickname and what weapons he has with him, and you will also be able to see where the best guns are.Aimbot (AIM) with this function, your shooting will be completely accurate and you can easily eliminate your enemies. The Aimbot function also includes several other functions such as: Bullet Speed Prediction, Bullet Drop Prediction, Aim on Mouse 5 (XBUTTON1), No RecoilHow to use:Download it, Open mapper.exeOpen h1cheetos.exe as administratorOpen Game and set it to 1920x1080Insert Open/Close shitty menuAfter playing, resetart your pc for unload the kernel driver. (shutdown wont work)